The Bible Prophecy School of Ministry and the Biblical Prophecy Seminary were inspired by great men such as Pastor Chuck Smith, the senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and D. Pentecost. The first broadcast TV/radio broadcast aired here on www.twave.org radio, and www.twave.tv for the Calvary Chapel Bible Prophecy School of Ministry (CCBPSM) and the Truth Will Set You Free Bible Prohpecy (TWSF-BP) program. The TV and radio shows were dedicated to Pr. Smith for his incredible emphasis on the teaching of prophecy, and also to Dr.Pentecost. Dr.Pentecost passed away the day before the first airing of our program and in honor of him, our first program was dedicated to his memory. Let us know if you would like copies of these two special programs that were dedicated to these two great men. Here at the school and seminary we take pride in the fact that the text books and materials we use are all the resources left behind for us by these great expositors of God's prophetic word.

2 Peter 2:18: Prophecy is a light in the darkness.We are dedicated to shining the prophetic light of Jesus on this dark world by providing hope in the soon return of of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

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